Showered in Flowers @ the Electric Chair

With Spring time fast approaching, there’s no better time to get your flower tattoos here at the Electric Chair tattoo shop in St Augustine. Our shops have been bustling with new clients and unique ideas, but flower tattoo designs will never fade away. Take a look at a few of the designs that were just finished up by artist Skyler Del Drago and our apprentice Jenna Palmer. You can get your custom flower tattoo at the Electric Chair in St Augustine, click here to view our locations.

We have recently been adding our latest designs on our new Instagram account, check it out and be sure to give us a follow. Summer is creeping up, make sure you get your ink at our tattoo shops in St Augustine before then to avoid missing out on beach days! Fresh ink should never be bathed in sunlight or submerged in water!

January Babies in the Electric Chair

This month Skyler, Justin and I all celebrate our birthdays here at Electric Chair Tattoos in St. Augustine, FL. There’s nothing better for your birthday than getting tattooed! You can see time lapse videos of my bird skull tattoo and Justin’s tattoo, both done by Skyler, below. If you are a January baby like us, come by and check out the shops! We are a custom tattoo shop that can design whatever you have in mind, even if it’s as crazy as a unicorn blowing out some birthday candles! Actually, especially if it’s that crazy.

At the Electric Chair Tattoos we are currently offering 20% off tattoos at both of our St. Augustine locations. The offer expires March 1st, so take advantage of it while you can!

Meet Justin Cardone – Electric Chair Tattoos, St. Augustine

Justin Cardone has recently joined us at our tattoo shop in St. Augustine on the beach. Justin is originally from Holly Hill, Florida and lived in the Daytona area most of his life. He was attracted to the beautiful town of St. Augustine because the relaxing lifestyle and the much needed change in atmosphere.

Justin has always loved drawing and grew up gravitating towards art. After his second tattoo he was addicted to the industry and made his way towards becoming the artist he is today.  He loves traditional style tattoos because they are always classic, bold and timeless. Artists from the Smith Street Tattoo Parlour and Bert Krak continue to inspire Justin and his work.

To book an appointment with Justin stop by the Electric Chair Tattoo shop in St. Augustine beach or give him a call at (386) 682-1550.


Custom Designs at Electric Chair Tattoos – St. Augustine, FL

Here at Electric Chair Tattoos we pride ourselves on being a custom tattoo shop in St. Augustine, FL. This means that we are capable of drawing up one-of-a-kind designs for you based off the concept you’ve been dreaming of. Even if you think your idea might be too wild, it’s helpful to speak with one of our artists to see how we can spin it and turn it into a beautiful piece of ink. We spend our down time drawing and painting to keep our designs fresh. We try and find inspiration in almost everything around us, including the new Star Wars movie. The force was strong in both of our tattoo shops in St. Augustine. Below are some of the fun Star Wars tattoos that were custom drawn and painted.

A lot of these custom painted pieces can be purchased in both of our tattoo shops in St. Augustine and are up for grabs to be tattooed. Make sure to keep up with all the new and exciting things we are doing by following the shop on Instagram and checking in on our blog. Keep your eyes peeled for new shop t-shirts that are also in the works. We are looking forward to a busy and successful 2016 here at the Electric Chair Tattoos in St. Augustine.


Meet Jeremy Thompson – Electric Chair Tattoos in St. Augustine FL

Jeremy Thompson has just joined the Electric Chair Tattoos team in St. Augustine, Florida. Jeremy started tattooing in Jacksonville, Florida, and has worked in many shops all over the city. After his years of tattooing in Jacksonville, Jeremy moved to St. Petersburg where he worked for four years. With 12 years of tattooing under his belt, Jeremy has worked on creating his own style and prides himself on creating custom designs here at our tattoo shop in St. Augustine.

Are you looking to get tattooed in St. Augustine this winter season? Stop by our Electric Chair Tattoo US1 shop and meet with Jeremy to book your next appointment. We also take walk-ins Monday-Saturday from 12-9 at both tattoo shops in St. Augustine, first come first serve. We are also offering gift certificates this season, $80 for $100 gift certificates from now until Christmas. To contact Jeremy you can email him here, and don’t forget to follow him on Instagram to keep up with his work at our Electric Chair Tattoo shops in St. Augustine.

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Here's some under water critters. #watercolor#painting

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Nights of Lights and Feathers

This week has been a busy week at our tattoo shops in St. Augustine. With the Thanksgiving and Black Friday hustle and bustle behind us, we are looking forward to the holiday season ahead. St. Augustine has been named one of America’s Twinkliest Towns by Every Day with Rachael Ray magazine, which gives us much pride in our Nights of Lights display downtown. With Christmas time upon us, we are offering $100 gift certificates for $80 available for cash purchase at both shop locations. There’s no better gift than artwork from our talented artists that will last a lifetime from our tattoo shops in St. Augustine.

Our tattoo shops in St. Augustine have been working hard to put out great work this year. I just so happened to come across three pieces that had a similar theme this week and thought I would share. Feathers make for really cool tattoos because it’s easy to make them flow with the shape of the body and there are so many different ways you can make them look. Below are three feathers that were finished up on happy customers at both our tattoo locations in St. Augustine by artists Skyler and Danny.

FullSizeRender (7)
Danny Harmon, Electric Chair Tattoo Shop in St. Augustine

An Unlucky Tattoo Shop in St. Augustine

This past friday, some very unlucky tattoos were done at our Tattoo shop in St. Augustine. Skyler Del Drago worked up a sheet of Friday the 13th tattoos that were a hit all over town. The tattoo designs were offered at the shop minimum, $50 for palm size designs, color available with a limited palette. The day was a total success, as Skyler hit his record of tattoos done in one day at our tattoo shops in St. Augustine.

I got the chance to come by and spend some of the day with Skyler as he worked his way through a handful of the designs. I had the unfortunate luck of walking in right when he was finishing up a pot leaf on someone’s cheek. And by cheek, I don’t mean their face. To end the night, Skyler needed one last person to beat his record. Danny, the owner of the Electric Chair Tattoo shops  in St. Augustine gladly offered a hand, literally. Check out some of the designs below! IMG_6846

Coolest Tattoos in St. Augustine

This week Skyler finished two of the coolest tattoos to walk out of our tattoo shops in St. Augustine. Okay, maybe I’m biased because one of them was on me! I have been wanting to get a bird foot/talon done for a while now to add to my sleeve. Skyler drew one up that was amazing, and I could not be happier with the final outcome. Not only was my tattoo awesome, but it was a really cool experience to get to sit with Skyler and have him walk me through his set up and break down. Below you can see the stencil for my tattoo and his final outcome video from Instagram.

Now, I did say two tattoos, below you can also see the other finished design by Skyler. I stopped in the tattoo shop in St. Augustine to watch Skyler work on this piece for a couple hours, this girl was a champ! There’s nothing easy about getting your ribs and sternum tattooed, but she sat through it perfectly and allowed Skyler to finish a really clean piece. If you haven’t checked out his stuff out on Instagram yet be sure to do so – and keep your eyes open for Friday the 13 specials at our tattoo shops in St. Augustine!

Tattoo Shop in St Augustine

Happy Halloween from Electric Chair Tattoos in St. Augustine

Halloween is such a fun occasion because it encourages creativity, which we love here at the Electric Chair Tattoo shops in St. Augustine. Artist Skyler drew up a few creepy themed tattoos for halloween, or “drawlloween” that I wanted to share. He also ran a shop special for the special occasion, anything spooky related smaller than a palm size was priced at the shop minimum. Anything bigger than that was a reduced flat rate. Follow Skyler on instagram and keep updated with our website for holiday themed rates in the future, Christmas in our tattoo shops in St. Augustine can get pretty festive!

We have a lot of new and exciting things going on in our tattoo shops in St. Augustine, including a couple new artists to add to the team. Stay tuned to see what is in store, and make sure you check out some of the latest art coming through the shops!

Week 2 – Electric Chair Tattoos Shops in St. Augustine

This week I spent a lot of time drawing at both of the Electric Chair tattoo shops in St. Augustine. I’ve learned that one of the most important things to practice in tattoos is script, so I feel like I’m a kid again practicing my cursive over and over! It’s rewarding to see my lines get better each time. I got the awesome experience of getting to hangout with artist Skyler Del Drago over at our beach tattoo shop in St. Augustine. It was really exciting to sit down with him and get to pick his brain a bit.

On friday, Skyler started what is the beginning of a really awesome sleeve on a super rad friend of his. It was very cool to sit in the tattoo shop in St. Augustine and watch him map out his plan for the whole piece. The theme of the sleeve is spooky and really unique. Compiled of a creepy cauldron, a witch’s broom and a haunted house, he couldn’t have picked a better season to start this tattoo. No photos until it’s finished, I don’t want to spoil all the fun! We are so lucky to have Skyler working in the Electric Chair tattoo shops in St. Augustine, I can’t wait to share what he puts out in the future. Take a look at his page and check him out on Instagram. To book an appointment with Skyler you can call him at (386) 463-3482 or send him an email!

Electric Chair Tattoo Shops in St. Augustine - Skyler Del Drago
Electric Chair Tattoo Shops in St. Augustine